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Three Fabric Layer

We conducted thorough and extensive research to understand how to produce a high quality mask. The CDC recommends tightly woven cotton face coverings. The inner layer of our masks is made up of a cotton material. We chose to put this layer on the inside due to the softness of the fabric. We noticed in testing the fabric that this placement maximized the level of comfort. The middle layer is a thick filter fabric that adds another level of protection. The most outer layer  is made up of Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a premium textile company that specializes in developing outdoor-grade fabric commonly used in outdoor cushions.

Sunbrella outdoor fabric

Sunbrella is a premium textile brand known for making luxury outdoor cushion fabrics and covers. Since its fabric is designed to weather outdoor conditions, it has extra technology built into the material that work to enhance the quality of the fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are UV and fade resistant. Sunbrella uses fabrics saturated with UV resistant pigments as opposed to traditional dying methods that are applied to the surface of the fabric. This proces extends the lifespan of the color. Sunbrella fabrics are waterproof, mold resistant, and mildew resistant.


We find it important to work with a company that is serious about protecting the environment and our customers. Sunbrella fabrics are GREENGUARD certified which means that the fabrics meet strict chemical emission limits and have been tested for over 10,000 chemicals. The fabric colors are inherently integrated into the fabric through the microband acrylic material and do not have surface dyes that produce water waste.

Variety of mask styles

Everyone has different preferences of facemasks designs. Therefore, we decided to offer an array of styles. We have the In-loop style which means the mask was sown to have the fabric layer fold over itself and can extend open making it look like an accordion. We also have the Duckbill Style where the fabric lays flat but also allows space for the nose and the cut of the fabric frames the jawline. In each of these styles we have a variety of options on how the mask attaches to the face. Both style are offered with ear loops, head loops, and head ties to suit all preferences. We also offer masks in different sizes. A mask must properly fit a users face in order for the mask to function at its optimum efficiency and for it to be properly effective. 

Please note: Masks will not prevent you fron getting a virus or illness. Wearing cloth face coverings is a recommendation by the CDC as an added precaution meant to help slow community spread of Covid-19. 

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